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Graphene Health Device "Pioneer of Xene"
Developed by the Global Hot Chain (GHC) Group, this high-tech graphene product, the "Pioneer of Xene" health device, is a colorless, tasteless, radiation-free, durable Canadian fir wood product infused with the outstanding properties of graphene. It includes features such as anti-cancer, cell activation, moisture removal, cold resistance, and unblocking functions, showcasing significant potential and application prospects in healthcare.
Graphene Product
Graphene heating film
Graphene Energy Bucket
Graphene heating vest
Graphene eye mask
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With 3,000+ physical stores worldwide, GHC Group provides a hands-on experience for consumers to try products, feel their performance and quality. These stores also serve as brand promotion and customer service centers, enhancing interaction and brand loyalty.
Online-Offline Integration Strategy GHC Group seamlessly integrates online and offline, synchronizing product information updates and integrating customer data for a comprehensive shopping experience.
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GHC Group collaborates with local retailers, distributors, and e-commerce platforms to achieve widespread product distribution. We explore unique resources in each country, selecting the most representative products, and incorporating them into GHC's global sales network to meet specific needs of consumers in different regions.

Additionally, GHC Group focuses on a localization strategy, customizing products and marketing activities to adapt to different market demands based on cultural differences and consumer preferences. Our sales team consists of experienced international sales experts who have in-depth knowledge of global markets and can quickly respond to market changes.

To further enhance sales efficiency and customer satisfaction, GHC Group invests in logistics and supply chain management, ensuring products move from production to sales locations at the fastest speed. Our goal is to establish an efficient, flexible, and reliable global sales network to support GHC Group's continuous growth and market leadership.
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